Pet lovers walk through our doors every day with 99 problems and an itch is just one. Having been in business since 1994 we’ve addressed our share of tough Spots. What we offer here is a summary to many of life's furry troubles. If you have something unique to add to this collection we encourage you to stop by one of our locations for more help. Or feel free to send us an email, we’ll do our best to help you reduce problems (maybe to like, 93).
The itcher
First off, we’re sorry. Having a dog thump the floor at 2 am is enough to get on anyone's nerves. Trust us, we’ve been there.  At Dolittle's we address three main things to access itching: internal influences, external influences, and environmental influences.

By internal we mean anything your pet ingests. Food is often the easiest and least expensive way to address an itch. We recommend a diet with a simple ingredient list, and one that is rich in fish. Better still is raw food. To us, switching from one dry food to another dry food isn't radically different. Raw food is a significant change that can kick the itch.  

External influences include anything that you put on your dog. This means shampoos, wipes, and even bedding. Our recommendations are to use chemical free, fragrance free everything. At least for a test period of 30 to 40 days.  

Lastly, we go over the environment. Airborne pollen is present nearly 10 months out of 12 in our region. Certain pollen will spike in Spring and Fall. Dolittle's advice is to rinse your dog regularly in high pollen season. We also suggest customers keep a calendar. It's tough to nail down an itch source because by the time you think one solution is working, a new source of the itch may arise. You may need to find ways to live with itching. That is unless you want to encapsulate your furry friend in a giant hamster ball.

The Destroyer
At Dolittle's we’re pretty sure that there’s only one dog in the world that can destroy everything, and everyone has him. Day one of Dolittle’s employee training involves reprogramming the staff. They are asked to drop “indestructible” from their vocabulary. Our hope is that the toys we sell will allow you to play and have fun with your dog, even if that time is fleeting. We try to explain to customers that dogs are not like us. You may hear us say “As people we put things together. Lego sets, puzzles, houses, etc. Dogs take things apart. It's just what they do.” Our staff can certainly direct you to a selection of our toys that are built for durability. There are toys that we get positive feedback on from customers just like you. Just keep in mind that under the right conditions anything runs the risk of being torn up. 

The Pooper
Nothing like the discussion of poop to bring us back to the reality of a dog being a dog. Believe it or not, your pet's bathroom habits are more important to us than finding a fancy collar. But (heh,heh) we’ll keep it light here, if you really want to talk some sh*t come see us. We have solutions for loose stool, and/or constipation. We can also help minimize coprophagia. Not familiar with coprophagia? Count yourself as lucky! And we can offer helpful advice in keeping Fido out of the cat box! Moving on…

The Food Critic
Did you click the link to coprophagia? We ask because, knowing about that behavior makes us really wonder about “picky” eaters. At Dolittle's we remain 99.9% convinced that picky eaters are really just pets that aren’t hungry. Try withholding food and see if the behavior changes. One day is no trouble, even two or three are okay. If pet doesn't eat by the third day then “picky” may not be the only problem. Be sure to check with your vet.

Fasting is just one option to try. You can always enhance your pets food with canned food, raw food, dehydrated food, your own food, or even water. Just please don't try to force your pet to eat. That can easily lead to obesity and a myriad of health troubles.

The Stinker
Sometimes it feels like the majority of problems we hear at Dolittle’s center around one underlying theme: How do I get my dog to be less of a dog? Our observations are these: dogs itch, dogs tear stuff up, dogs sometimes eat things they shouldn’t, and...dogs can smell bad. As with our previous solutions we have products to help. But understand, your dog will always be a dog. But okay, okay, your mother-in-law is coming over, or you just can't take Fido’s breath any longer. We get it, and as we’ve said before: we want to help improve the relationship between your pet and you. So yes we can help de-stink your best friend. We have shampoos, breath chews, room deodorizers, and much more. All of these products have been used by us for years so we can attest to their effectiveness. Stop by and learn more.

The Angel
Perhaps your furry friend is 100% heaven sent. The perfect pooch. One that behaves, doesn’t chew toys up, eats well, and doesn’t scratch. If this is true, consider yourself very lucky. For your dog and you Dolittle’s is a cornucopia of delightful treasures. Pick any of our adorable toys, pick a delicious food, try several of our healthy treats, and use a shampoo that smells great. Maybe you’d like to reward this great behavior with a cloud soft bed, or with a fashion forward collar. We can help, and we just know your dog will love every last thing! 
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