Dolittle’s began in 1994 as a small booth in the local City Market.

Today, they have three stores throughout the Charleston area and continue to be voted as Charleston’s Best Local Pet Store.

They have an excellent choice of all natural foods for dogs and cats. Dolittle’s informed and helpful staff will help customers find exactly the right food for their pet. No matter if your dog is a picky eater, has a sensitive stomach, or is overweight, Dolittle’s can help you find the perfect diet.

But Dolittle’s isn’t just food! They have a Self Service Wash at all three stores where you can come in and bathe your dirty dog. They also carry a full line of pet maintenance items to take care of everyday life with a pet. Their shampoos, training tools, cleaning products, and supplements all have proven results.

With the years of experience behind them, Dolittle’s has found the very best in toys and treats too. Not only do they rely on customer feedback, but also the feedback from their own panel of furry friends. Dolittle’s is very careful to never say a toy is indestructible. Their experience has taught them that what is tough for a German Shepherd... is an easy 10 minutes to a Maltese.

But as always, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to Dolittle’s. (Perhaps that’s the reason for being voted best?) If you are ever dissatisfied with a product from Dolittle’s, you are welcome to bring it back for store credit.

Life is short and, as our friends at Cloud Star say... wag more.