Our Promise

Dolittle's Promise 
  • The foods and treats we sell will always be either US or Canadian made and sourced. 
  • Our chews come from the best sources we can find. For us this means smaller manufactures that raise or use hormone-free antibiotic-free meat sources. Further, the chews we sell are never treated or preserved with harsh chemicals.
  • We will always communicate about recalls or other pet safety concerns by social media.
  • Yes, many of our toys are made in China. However, Dolittle’s has cultivated a trusting relationship with many of our suppliers that use offshore manufacturers. We feel confident in the choices and testing that they do before bringing a toy to the market. Our staff is familiar with these trusted sources so if you have questions they will gladly answer them, or find an answer for you. We also have a small selection of toys made in the US and hope to see more in the future.
  • We strongly support natural solutions. Therefore, any of the products we sell that are applied directly to your dog are all natural. They do not contain dyes or harsh chemicals. 
  • The training tools we offer are what we consider “step one” or “step two.” We appreciate that some dogs may require further training implements. Our belief is that tools beyond “step two” really require support from professional trainers. We are happy to direct customers to these professionals.
  • As professional as the staff of any Dolittle’s may be, we are still not certified veterinarians. Our hope is to be able to help you solve common pet related problems with natural alternatives. If these solutions do not help your pet’s problem please consult your professional pet care provider. Again, we are happy to direct you to some of our local favorites. 

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