Many websites are quick to tell you "about us." We like to point out that Dolittle's prefers to put you first. Really, by our logic, your pet comes first.  But seeing as they aren't the best at verbal communication we'll settle for you, their best friend. 

Dolittles success has been all about you and your pet. Over the years customers like you have come in looking for help in raising a happy healthy dog and/or cat. Your questions have inspired us to seek out positive solutions to many of life’s pet little peeves. Many of the products we sell have come directly from suggestions by customers just like you.

Please visit our Solutions page to learn more about how our products can help. Better still, we hope you will visit one of our locations so we can chat in person. Bring your dog, it's the best part of our day! Be warned though, we’re like grandparents...we’ll spoil them rotten (as if they aren't already).
Brutus, West Ashley

Fan Wall!

What is Dolittle's doing for you? Show us a picture of your pet and we will post it here.  Let's see your dog loving their trip to Dolittle's. Or your cat enjoying their new catnip toy. Maybe a picture of your best friend chowing down on a treat or the food they eat? We want to see how Dolittle's makes your pet happy!
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